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I am an elementary librarian, mom of 18 year old twins, and happily married to my best friend. We recently discovered a passion for travel and hiking that keeps us active and always looking for our next adventure! Another passion of mine is cooking, which led to a love of eating. So much so that I had to make a lifestyle change a few years ago to lose weight and get healthy. I began exercising regularly and cut most of the sugar and flour from my diet. My problem with low carb recipes is that many of them are high in calories. And I cannot eat just one 80 calorie healthy cookie. I need four, okay-make that 6, and I now have a 500 calorie snack! For me, I prefer a bigger portion that still tastes good, yet won’t blow my carb/calorie count for the day. Hopefully you will find some recipes on this blog that work with your taste buds and dietary needs to give you some great choices. Thanks for visiting!

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